Thursday, July 21, 2011

Artist that inspire

This week I found two artist that inspired me to create. They are two totally different artists how ever both gave me the inspiration to draw in my sketch book. The first artist is Glenn Arthur, he is a self taught artist living in Southern California. He grew up in a very conservative household until the day a friend introduced him to painting. His paintings are done on wood panels with acrylic paints. Most of his work is of women, some partially nude, in very sensual provocative poses with powerful icons. I love the way he incorporates the wood grain into each piece. The way he paints their faces is another feature that I like. They have very soft blends and the eyes are very intense. His paintings are very sexy and strong females with a fun and flirty side to them.

The second artist that inspired me is Molly Zakrajsek. I found her through an assignment for Digital Storytelling. What drew me to her was her use of patterns to fill in the spaces of her design instead of using solid color. She did a live mural for Utopia paper at a conference in Chicago that I absolutely fell in love with. She has done a lot of murals some with children and some for other major institutions. Her characters come to life in a very happy and amusing way.  She has a way with color combinations that also inspire my color choices too. Her work is so vibrant and wonderful, her patterns are amazing her work makes me feel happy.

I will post my sketch book pages in a couple of days but please check out these artists and be inspired!!!!

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