Sunday, July 3, 2011

New project

As many of you know I am currently attending school at Full Sail university. During one of my previous classes I created this blog as part of a project I gave away several pieces of art to encourage joining my blog and well exceeded my expectations. Well my new class digital storytelling has a blog project and my teacher has allowed me to continue with this blog rather than creating a new one. During this class I will need to post at least once a week a minimum of 250 words, which shouldn't be hard for me, and it should be about design of some sort. So this is my first post for this class and I wanted to introduce you to a Graphic Designer that I was introduced to this week Saul Bass. Many of you will recognize his work especially those of you that are my age or older. He created many of he logos we see everyday, AT&T, Lawery's, Girl Scouts, United Way and United Airlines are just a few. He also created many of my favorite movie posters West Side Story, The Man With the Golden Arm and many more. Saul Bass was a pioneer in his field and even thought outside the box, he was the first to connect graphic design and the film industry by creating the film titling sequences. Title sequencing is utilizing conceptual visuals and sound, something we do not even think about when we watch a movie but without it it would just be words. A new favorite quote is " I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." Saul Bass. I wrote that quote on a post it note and stuck it on my computer so I can remind myself of what it means to create. I have attached some links that I had to read as part of this class they are very interesting and will show some of his work. Saul Bass is now on the top of my favorites list!


  1. welll, I'm delighted to read this! so interesting! I'm going to click on the links and read!!! this post has inspired me to learn more!!!
    have a wonderful 4th!!

  2. i remember all these film posters!!!
    need to go back and read more!!

  3. page not there..maybe it's me ..i'll keep trying!