Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wine and Inspiration

Well this week has been a long one, I have been pretty busy writing and sketching. I am really enjoying this class, Digital Storytelling, it is allowing me to think outside the box and be much more creative. I posted one of the stories we had to write and an earlier post this week about labels in the grocery store, well I thought I would share another obsession I have and that is wine bottle labels. I love the art work that is there to represent the wine and I love the short blurbs on the back of the bottles too. However this is about the designs and art work, even though another obsession I have is with glass and I do love brightly colored wine bottles well just bottles in general but I'll save that for another post. Back to the artwork.....I have been to the liquor store many times in search of that great bottle of wine to go with dinner and I notice that usually it is the label that makes me first approach the bottle, other than the fact that it has to be red wine. The name is yet another deciding factor some of my favorites are Cupcake, I mean who does not love a wine that is named after that, Last Chance and Big House. But the artwork always catches my eye whoever is designing these masterpieces has a job I would love to have. Some of them are bold splashes of color thrown across the bottle like an abstract painting. Some are beautiful landscapes that make you feel that you are where the grape is being grown. Some of them are the most wonderful illustrations that you can imagine. For Big House wine they are referring to jail or "The Big House" and they have illustrations of inmates in black and white stripe uniforms escaping with the wine. Some of them have very sexy graphics that make you feel like Barry White is singing on the other end of your glass of wine. All in all wine labels are something everyone one should spend time looking at and reading there is a lot of inspiration in the names, graphics and short stories on the back. Below I posted some of my new favorites.

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