Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Super Hero Story

Ok so here is my super hero story that I wrote for Digital Storytelling. I know I asked a lot of you for inspiration so you may find some of your suggestions in this goofy story. I Hope you enjoy!!!

This is a story of a super hero not one that dresses up in a cape and flies through the air but one that helps young children, but first let me start with her back story.  Her name is Mahira, which means energetic in Hebrew. She was a dancer her whole life she performed at a professional level at one point in her life. She was a very athletic person she played many different sports and always enjoyed participating in outdoor activities like kayaking, golf, Frisbee, and loved taking long walks with her dog D’Artagnan. Mahira worked as an art teacher for an afterschool program for kids that needed extra tutoring along with a safe place to stay until their parents came home from work. Now like I said she does not wear a cape or fly through the air but she does have a super power she can make people break dance with her mind and her sidekick D’Artagnan chases anyone around that tries to escape or gets in Mahira’s way, he sometimes wears a cape purple with a big “D” on it in gold. Their archnemesis is Ronald McDonald, with all his bad fast food that makes them lazy and sloth like, even though Mahira and D’Artagnan do like his French fries it is kind of like their kryptonite.
One day when Mahira went to work she felt like there was a presence all around the school. She was not sure what it was but it was somewhat familiar there was a hint of grease in the air. Mahira continued to her class, but paying close attention to what might happen. When she arrived in the classroom she noticed that the kids did not have the snacks they usually were given. She asked why they did not have them they said, “ All the lunchroom doors were locked we could not get in.” So Mahira went to speak with the director of the program, Michael. She found him in his office and asked why he did not give out the healthy snacks to the children to give them energy. He could not respond he had a Big Mac stuffed into his mouth. Mahira immediately called for D’Artagnan with her magic dog whistle. As soon as he arrived she told him Ronald McDonald was back stuffing people full of fattening food we must stop him! D’Artagnan gave a bark and away they went to save the children from fast food. They ran down the hall and into the classroom, but it was too late there in the front of the classroom stood Ronald McDonald getting ready to pass out chicken McNuggets, French fries, sodas and fried apple pies. Mahira said “No do not eat that, it is so bad for you we can break into the lunchroom and get the healthy snacks. Made with fruit, low fat cheese and skim white milk.” The children started to protest and say “No we want McDonald’s, we want McDonald’s, we want McDonald’s.” she knew she had to get them out of here and fast but Ronald McDonald kept enticing them with his happy meals and toys. It was too late they started eating all the bad food so she sent D’Artagnan to round up all the bad food and bite all of their hands if they tried to stop him. It was difficult he had to run around the room more than once they kept hiding the food under their seats, in their backpacks some of the kids even tried to escape the room and hide in another area just so they could eat the entire artery clogging food. Finally D’Artagnan got everything thrown in the trash now they had to go after Ronald McDonald. Together they ran down the hall after him. D’Artagnan grabbed his foot and tossed him back to Mahira once she came into contact with him she used her mind to make him break dance. Soon the children all gathered around and started to laugh watching the big red headed clown break dance all over the halls. Once Mahira and D’Artagnan thought he had learned his lesson they invited him back to the lunchroom and showed him what healthy food looked and tasted like. All the children gained their energy back and realized that eating healthy gave them all the energy they needed to be healthy happy kids. Mahira and D’Artagnan saved the day again. Their next adventure will be teaching kids that exercise can be fun and they will use dance and other fun outdoor activities.

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